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Ads: Most Interesting Man

If you haven’t seen one of the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man” commercials, you have probably been living on the moon. The link above is a compilation of just about every one of the commercials (almost too many to view in one sitting!). If all commercials were this interesting, people would probably appreciate commercials as […]

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SEO: Recent Google Update

O.K., so Google has updated its search functionality, and this new algorithm is code named “Hummingbird”. It won’t look very different, but what is under the hood has been coming for over 10 years. But what the heck does that mean to us, the users? Here-in you’ll find a quick snapshot. The Hummingbird Algorithm After […]

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Video SlowMo: Shake

For all those people who don’t understand why you might need slow motion photography, this is the video for you… Unless of course you are a dog hater, and then I might dissuade you from viewing this poignant piece.

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Video: NAB Commercial

Not your average banking commercial, for National Australia Bank. I love it! The licensing of clips from Hanna-Barbea, Warner Bros, Turner Entertainment and Universal Studios gives the spot a fun media-mash-up feel, while the music keeps the energy blazing along. Good job agency Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, click here to see more from them.

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Video: WonderWoman Short

OK, normally I am more of a Thor or IronMan fan, but this WonderWoman spot is pretty cool… Kinda fun because with so many failed Wonder Woman attempts (film and T.V.), it’s about time someone did that one right… of course, this project isn’t, as I understand it, actually in production. Oh, and if you […]

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Animation: Fun Text Treatments

This cool animation design combines three of my favorites media elements: playful animation, tasteful audio design, and text treatments. I am also partial to Rube Goldberg devices, one of which can be seen in this animation. Speaking of which, if you are a fellow Rube Goldberg fan, check this one out!

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Animation: Car Park

This one is just plain fun… but for me, it brings up an interesting subject… most specifically, where online content is likely to head. While this short isn’t an a product ad, it is getting more attention than the usual product advertising. Why can’t advertising have this kind of value? Why not have  the content […]

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Video: Clever Marketing Stunt

Now, I have never really been a huge fan of horror, nor did I watch Candid Camera, but this marketing stunt to promote the new movie, ‘Carrie’,  is really cool and clever. When someone says “Think outside the box”, this is what they are talking about. A marketing stunt which makes for good YouTube attraction, […]

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