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Video: Short of Shorts

I have found the trend toward shorter and shorter videos strange. Don’t blink, don’t go to the bathroom, don’t rest your eyes… or you’ll miss some vital piece. That being said, this piece does a nice job of setting a mood and while I would prefer to sit longer on the occasional shot, I can […]

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Funny Video: Frog Wins!

OK, this posting has very slight media relevancy… you will notice that the frog is playing a video game on a portable device. He is quite good, though someone who was watching this over my shoulder was quite incensed by the frog abuse demonstrated. I think that as long as he only spends a limited […]

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Ad: Spock vs. Spock

O.K., I admit, appreciating this commercial does reveal me to be a trekkie, and therefore, a nerd. It seems that the fact that I am blogging may have already tipped you off to this fact. Ah well. While this is a niche approach to advertising, it is addressing a fierce and loyal audience. Well directed […]

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Mind Your Meeting Manners

An article courtesy of If you’ve been in the work world very long, you know that meetings are the butt of frequent jokes, and, in many cases, the bad reputation that meetings have is well-deserved. Meetings may masquerade as a chance to update the status of a project or catch up on industry developments, […]

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