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Why Video Online? Stats…

The pace of society, and how we deal with it in our lives, has continued to increase. We want shorter, more focused media. In addition, the way we consume media has changed with the times. Many site viewers would far rather view a short video than read volumes of text. It’s a fun, easy and quick […]

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Animation – Ad Spoof

OK, normally, I am not a “fart joke” kind of guy, but this one got me. What may be most interesting is that this “spoof” ad done by Cinesite, got more hits than many normal ads… a reminder that viral ad work is all about finding humor that will resonate (so to speak) with the […]

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Music Video: Interesting Tech Use

I have taken some cool videos with my iPhone, but I have been frustrated in those times by the limits of the lens. Directors Rob Hatch-Miller and Puloma Basu and DP Paul Yee must have experienced the same thing. For this music video, they used the EnCinema SLR Lens Adapter from Vid-Atlantic. (Yup, that’s singer Sharon […]

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Video: Holiday Lights

Ok, you nay sayers out there… you “christmas-lights, smishmas-lights” nay-sayers, this video says “turn it on, turn it up”… or just might be more about the indomitable spirit of humankind than lights. Anyway, Happy Holiday Spirit to all!

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Trailer: Video Game

I love the way this piece blithely tells a sub-story while developing its main thread almost casually in the background. A radical use of the fish-eye makes the feel of the piece more casual, giving the special effects a very different flavor. It’s tricky to blend slick graphics with low-brow filming style and this piece […]

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