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Stats: Media Consumption

Wondering where people are spending their time… TV, computer Internet, smartphones? This article spells it out:   These numbers make me wonder about Work time versus Playtime, and how that would factor in. Also interesting is how newspapers are doing in the bigger picture of the digital tsunami… check out:   But are viewers […]

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Video: VFX challenges

Down through time,  I have done my fair-share of FX work… some for independents, but mostly for commercial work. It is always a lot of work on very tight budgets and timelines, and it often seems that the clients, executives and directors can make any changes they want without any regard for the impact on […]

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Articles: Design triumphs

Innovation is often about looking at the ordinary in a whole new way. Check this one out: It’s amazing what design and innovation can do for your home life. Check this out:

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