Archive | May, 2014

VIDEO: Music in the Desert

Music video fans everywhere get the benefit from cheap technology… creativity is allowed to flourish when everyone can access the tools that only the pros to could access just 10 years ago. Love the “video person” set against nature in this creative, well shot music video.

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In this era where everyone has a camera or video enabled smart-phone, the landscape of content generation and how we use it has changed radically. Companies like CocaCola are recognizing the value of engaging their audience… even to the point of having their fans create advertising content, as seen in this great example of repurposing […]

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ANIM: Food

Fun stop motion piece. No real reason for this piece that I can discern… making it my favorite type of project. Without the constraints of needing to make a thing which makes financial sense, creativity can flow. Hat’s off to the makers and creators!

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