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VID: Merry Xmas From…

Tis the season for Holiday greetings. People must have a lot of time on their hands… This one finally makes good use of a high-speed camera… This greeting seems to just go bad… Another in the spirit of Marvel, with Star Trek as our vehicle… As it turns out, Santa prefers naughty… And here is […]

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VID: Timelapse

This is a growing compilation of interesting time-lapse footage. So much fun stuff nowadays in this category… ____________________________ This footage combines both drone and time-lapse footage in Iceland, so beautiful! _____________________________ A must view for flower lovers, this footage is a true work of art. ____________________________ This is a study in the power of money… […]

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VID: This Year in Music Videos

Since MTV made music videos mainstream, we really haven’t seen a lot of innovation with this genre. Sure, lots of interesting work, film-like quality, big budgets, and lots of bling, but technology can take us so much further. Check out the following cutting-edge offerings: ColdPlay:Ink delivers an animated, interactive experience, click here to view. _________________________________________________________ […]

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ANIM: Wanderers

All I can say is WOW, this passion project reawakened in the me the desire to see space, and reminds me how great of an impact that a small animation project can make. The animator responsible for this project has some other fun stuff online…

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