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VID: New Technology

Recently, my principal video camera began having major issues with White Balance, and cutouts. The repair shop couldn’t find the issue so I began the long process of deciding on a new camera. Ultimately, the new Sony PXW-FS5 won the battle and I purchased it. GREAT CAMERA! Stay tuned for new work to come… unfortunately, […]

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VID: 3d printing animated

This is a wonderful combination of 3d printing and visual eye-candy… a mixed media collage that plays with the eye and reminds me to look outside of a single medium to push the boundaries of expectation. 3d printing can be used to create a whole new class of art!

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VID: Timelapse

This is a growing compilation of interesting time-lapse footage. So much fun stuff nowadays in this category… ____________________________ This footage combines both drone and time-lapse footage in Iceland, so beautiful! _____________________________ A must view for flower lovers, this footage is a true work of art. ____________________________ This is a study in the power of money… […]

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VID: This Year in Music Videos

Since MTV made music videos mainstream, we really haven’t seen a lot of innovation with this genre. Sure, lots of interesting work, film-like quality, big budgets, and lots of bling, but technology can take us so much further. Check out the following cutting-edge offerings: ColdPlay:Ink delivers an animated, interactive experience, click here to view. _________________________________________________________ […]

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