New Year Snowflakes

After a fun New Year party in Truckee, CA, we were walking home through the freezing temperatures (somewhere near 0 degrees at the worst!) toward our own cabin when we noticed something amazing. In the lights of the surrounding homes, we watched as a very light snow came down that was made up of the most amazing snowflakes we had ever seen.

SnowFlake from ContentX on Vimeo.

To our surprise, you could actually see the snowflakes with the naked eye! Millions of little ice sculptures were everywhere. This video was my first use of a new camera (Sony FS5) and new macro lens (100MM macro). We found the best way to capture the actual flakes was to keep moving both the camera and the handheld LED light we had, allowing us to find specific flakes that caught the light while facing the lens.

A New Years miracle… hope you get yours this year soon!


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