A great platform with flexibility and a broad developer base.

Born in 2003, WordPress is now the most popular blogging platform on the market, and is used for more content management-enabled websites than any other platform. These are our top 12 reasons why WordPress its our preferred WordPress platform for your company’s website or blog.

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1. Ease of Use

WordPress is easy to use with an intuitive interface to its backend functionality. Put simply, you don’t need to be a web developer to work with this toolset once the site is setup right.  It’s a snap to add new pages, blog posts, images, videos and so on. With technology this simple, your time spent working with the system is greatly reduced.

2. Future Proofing

The WordPress platform has been around a long time and gained a global following of web developers. At this point we are confident that WordPress is going be around for a long time. Over the long haul, staying with the same web platform means saving time and money which can be put towards mission critical tasks.

3. Availability of Development Assets

Nothing is worse than not finding a reasonable priced developer to work on your business tools. WordPress is a global phenomenon, with millions of developers working on WordPress as we speak. You will always be able to find someone to work on you site.

4. Access from Any Internet-enabled Device

WordPress is browser-based, which means if you can browse the web, you can work on your website. You can login from any Internet-enabled device and manage or update your content quickly and easily.

5. Complexity of HTML Editing or FTP Software not required

While web programming skills such as HTML editing and FTP access can be used within your WordPress environment, they are absolutely not required. Almost all basic system requirements, such as creating a new page or blog post, formatting text, uploading images (and editing them), uploading documents, and more can be completed all without additional HTML or FTP software.

6. Ease of Search Engine Optimization

The underlying code which runs WordPress is both clean and simple, allowing fast and easy access by search engines. With a wide variety of SEO plugins ready for implementation, you will easily be able to optimize each page, post, and image with their own meta tag keywords, descriptions, and titles. A rich set of features will open up your site to the world!


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7. The Power of Customizability

WordPress is built around modularity and the desire for developers to customize the user experience. An integrated template system means you can quickly swap look and feel or duplicate components for re-use. With the power to customize 100% of the WordPress platform, your brand standards can be carried through to your website with ease. Last minute changes, no problem! Need to add social media integration, e-commerce, interactivity… no problem!

8. You Have Control of Your Site

With simple, no-code based functionality control in your hands, you do not need to be tied to expensive developers for every little change. Updates to your content are simple and quick, and easy or timely changes can be done by an internal asset, rather than an expensive specialist.

9. Integrated Blogging Features

WordPress was created to make blogging easy, with blogging capabilities integrated from the get-go. Even if you are just using it to build a website without blogging features, the moment you are ready to open up a dynamic blog style communication pathway to your customers, it will be simple and quick. No new software or training required.

10. A World of Plugins mean Ultimate Flexibility

WordPress makes almost anything possible through the power of plugins, many of which are free or low priced. Add a calendar, insert a video, activate a Twitter Feed, integrate with Facebook, turn on a storefront… these are just a few of the thousands of options available to a business with a WordPress website.

11. Scalability… Grow Your Site, Grow Your Business

WordPress sites are extremely scalable. You need to expand to hundreds of thousands of pages or blog posts? Performance is great from small to large, and can be further optimized to accommodate almost any scale of growth

12. Multiple User Levels

WordPress enables setting-up multiple users for your website, allowing you to assign various access levels and capabilities to each of different types of user. Need an intern to just update posts? No problem. Want to give complete but temporary access to a temporary development asset? WordPress delivers user flexible levels out of the box.

In Conclusion.

While WordPress is by no means the only game in town, it has many advantages for small to medium size businesses and individuals. We are happy to discuss any of these details if you are on a fence… otherwise, we look forward to helping you bring your business to the web through the powerful platform that WordPress represents.

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